Pro Sound & Video Systems

professional sound and video
From Houses of Worship to Theaters to Production & Broadcast facilities, Eko Solutions brings it all together.
Houses of Worship

Whether you’re building a new church, adding on classrooms or you just want to improve the way you get the word out, we are here to help.

Let us help you with the unique needs of Traditional or Contemporary service types. These different types of services present unique challenges.

Audio needs in a traditional service might often require “automatic’ or “hands off” operation. Today’s audio processors along with our expert programming & commissioning services can make that a reality. Modern audio controllers (DSP’s) can act as both an audio processor and control system. This means advanced capabilities such as automatic mixing, gating, feedback control, and EQ can all be included along with easy to use control via a phone, Ipad, or dedicated touch panel. The control portion of many DSP’s can also control third party devices such as video projectors, displays, or even integrate with wireless microphones.

Contemporary services tend to require more robust audio and presentation systems. Along with higher volume requirements, congregations expect clear and even coverage from modern systems. From line arrays to traditional point source solutions we can design and install the system to match your facility’s needs. Additionally, console selection, Dante networking, and In-Ear monitoring are all critical components and need proper integration to function properly.

Along with audio systems, video presentations are important to many service types. From LED video walls to discrete projection systems Allelon can help integrate or upgrade visual worship systems in your facility.

Let’s discuss your exact needs for lighting, sound, video, live streaming and more. If you just have a question about some existing equipment you already own give us a call we are happy to help and always excited to see how God is using technology to spread His Message.


Theater lighting and sound can be a difficult challenge and changes for every single facility. Our team of skilled technicians will plan the additions and upgrades you need while working closely to get exactly what you want.

Our experience in venues across the US bring us a unique background in the installation of theatrical and performance audio visual systems. A quality installation is critical for a trouble-free live performance system. From consultant led installations to full design-build installations Allelon can help!

Theater systems often center around the installed house sound system. Allelon can help with a design-build of a main system along with perfectly aligned fill speakers for even coverages in balconies or box seating.

Often supplemental back of house systems can be used as much as the main audio reinforcement system. Look to Allelon to help design, install and implement the following solutions in a Theater Environment:

  • AV Networks including Dante, Q-sys, and Video over IP
  • Wired and Wireless Intercom
  • Lobby or Back of House Page & Program
  • Video Distribution, House Video, and Conductor Cameras
  • Audio Tie Line, data, & speaker patching infrastructure
  • Control and Automation of Audio and Video Components
Broadcast Facilities

From a small studio to a broadcast facility you need to have the right equipment and installation for your productions. Don’t know the difference between HDMI, SDI, Fiber, SMPTE, or Triax? Allelon can along with our expert industry partners can help in all phases of a project. From perfectly installed equipment racks and patch bays to manufacturer certified broadcast switchers we can build your dream production environment.