Our Philosophy

The heart of Eko Solutions, LLC is centered around the meaning and idea of “Allelon”. Allelon comes from the Greek word meaning mutual, together, or reciprocal.

This one core idea impacts every aspect of our business and is at the foundation of how we conduct business itself. Our client, vendor, and internal relationships all hinge on the concept of Allelon. Creating strategic long-term partnerships allow us to share an extended vision with our clients and partners.

We look to exceed the expectations of our clients through listening and sharing of their vision and goals by forming relationships from what could normally be considered day to day business transactions.

Our Values

We provide and support solutions that enhance client’s experiences with audio, presentation and collaboration technology.

We believe in demonstrating an unwavering commitment to our customers by ensuring every project meets with success. We value transparency, humility, and forthrightness as our primary business values.

Eko Solutions values our community by investing a portion of our time, experience, and materials to helping deserving charities and nonprofit groups receive free or reduced price audio visual systems.

We ask our clients to partner with us by donating any unneeded or surplus equipment to this venture.

Our Experience

Eko members collectively have over 115 years of audio visual and low voltage systems experience. Our managing members have advanced technical knowledge in nearly every aspect of the design, programming, and installation of AV equipment.

Eko has travelled throughout the United States completing projects of varied size and scope. While having the experience to complete large and complex projects our nimble size also helps us excel with projects of all sizes.

Our experience leads us to focus on two main tenants of a project – client expectations and final commissioning. These two items will overwhelmingly define the success of a project and you will see it is where we will practice Allelon.

Our Leadership