Skype, Zoom, Teams, GoTo Meeting all can pose their own challenges, but Eko Solutions will design the right solution to make it all work.

The heart of your communication center both internally in your company and externally, it’s important to have your conference room designed and setup properly. A central room for simple conference calls can double as a gathering area for collaboration. With the help of Eko Solutions, you’ll have flexibility coupled with technology.

By creating a culture of connection in your company or organization, your team will be able and willing to come together like never before – even if some of the members are connecting remotely!

A correctly design conference room gives you some real advantages…

  • Secure, safe discussion area
  • Launch pad for new ideas
  • Mission gathering location to bring everyone on board
  • Location that helps you make a great impression on visitors
  • Think Tank right in your office
  • Great place for interviews

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