Choosing and av company

Five considerations when deciding to hire an AV Integrator

November 13, 2019


We often run across organizations that do not have experience in contracting Audio/Visual Integration firms.  In reality, it is very much like contracting any service-based business be it an electrician or landscaper.  Personal referrals are usually the best way to find any contractor.  While checking for normal things such as insurance, BWC status, and any licensing…

houses of worship

No Compromise Church Sound

October 11, 2019

Professional Sound

Many traditional Houses of Worship benefit from advancements in audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that allow microphones to be automatically controlled. This could be through automatic mixing, gating (turning the mic on and off), or feedback control. While this technology is amazing and brings a lot of benefits many churches also require more in-depth controls…

Advanced Mic

Advancements in Technology
Enhance Meetings

September 3, 2019

Professional Sound

Sennheiser’s Team Connect 2 microphone advances collaboration with remote participants.  The ceiling-mounted microphone provides uniform coverage for meeting, conference, and training rooms.  By using their “patented dynamic beamforming technology” the audio coverage can automatically adapt to speakers in different positions in the room. Find more information at Sennheiser –