Petersen Events Center Floor

Petersen Events Center at the University of Pittsburgh

Eko Solutions just recently completed a reconfiguration of the existing sound system at the Petersen Events Center at the University of Pittsburgh.  The system’s performance was lacking and not meeting the needs of the University’s events.  From an analytical perspective, Eko Solutions tested and evaluated the complete system and audio chain.  Through this analysis, problem…


Covid-19 has forced businesses in Ohio and around the US to slowly adapt to a ‘new’ normal.  Part of the Allelon mission is to stand alongside our clients and become a true partner. To this end, we are announcing a new program to protect our clients.  For all our clients who were closed during business…

Windows Collaboration Display

May 8, 2020


Due to our current situation surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic are you looking for technology to support remote teamwork and collaboration?  The need for small group remote collaboration will be paramount as businesses plan and adjust for the future.  The Sharp Window Collaboration Display can help organizations of all sizes simplify and engage users with more…

Training and conference rooms

Video Conferencing Flexibility

March 16, 2020


With today’s uncertainty and requirements for remote or work from home situations flexibility in video conferencing is becoming a must for most businesses.  Video conferencing helps people connect and collaborate regardless of their location.  Video conferencing can be as simple as a FaceTime™ call, use of a laptop’s built-in camera & microphone, or require more…

Cleanup Equipment Rack

Attention to Details

You could say we are meticulous or maybe even have a little too much “exactness”.  We feel the details are important – meeting clients on time, documentation, cabling labeling, and our workmanship are all details that are critical to the overall project. Spending time on the details is what ensures client satisfaction.  We make sure…

Choosing and av company

Five considerations when deciding to hire an AV Integrator

November 13, 2019


We often run across organizations that do not have experience in contracting Audio/Visual Integration firms.  In reality, it is very much like contracting any service-based business be it an electrician or landscaper.  Personal referrals are usually the best way to find any contractor.  While checking for normal things such as insurance, BWC status, and any licensing…