Petersen Events Center Floor

Petersen Events Center at the University of Pittsburgh

Eko Solutions just recently completed a reconfiguration of the existing sound system at the Petersen Events Center at the University of Pittsburgh.  The system’s performance was lacking and not meeting the needs of the University’s events.  From an analytical perspective, Eko Solutions tested and evaluated the complete system and audio chain.  Through this analysis, problem…


Covid-19 has forced businesses in Ohio and around the US to slowly adapt to a ‘new’ normal.  Part of the Allelon mission is to stand alongside our clients and become a true partner. To this end, we are announcing a new program to protect our clients.  For all our clients who were closed during business…

Cleanup Equipment Rack

Attention to Details

You could say we are meticulous or maybe even have a little too much “exactness”.  We feel the details are important – meeting clients on time, documentation, cabling labeling, and our workmanship are all details that are critical to the overall project. Spending time on the details is what ensures client satisfaction.  We make sure…

houses of worship

No Compromise Church Sound

October 11, 2019

Professional Sound

Many traditional Houses of Worship benefit from advancements in audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that allow microphones to be automatically controlled. This could be through automatic mixing, gating (turning the mic on and off), or feedback control. While this technology is amazing and brings a lot of benefits many churches also require more in-depth controls…

Advanced Mic

Advancements in Technology
Enhance Meetings

September 3, 2019

Professional Sound

Sennheiser’s Team Connect 2 microphone advances collaboration with remote participants.  The ceiling-mounted microphone provides uniform coverage for meeting, conference, and training rooms.  By using their “patented dynamic beamforming technology” the audio coverage can automatically adapt to speakers in different positions in the room. Find more information at Sennheiser –