Attention to Details

You could say we are meticulous or maybe even have a little too much “exactness”.  We feel the details are important – meeting clients on time, documentation, cabling labeling, and our workmanship are all details that are critical to the overall project.

Spending time on the details is what ensures client satisfaction.  We make sure every component of a system is tested, and yes, I mean every single component, button, function, input, & output – every single one, even the one that is only used once a year.  We spend countless hours wiring our equipment, installing cabling, and overall completing a neat and tidy installation – some people never notice, but it matters to us and matters in the long run.  Look at the before and after pictures of a project we recently upgraded.  Which one do you think is easier to maintain? Which one would you rather have in your facility?

Cleanup Equipment Rack