Video Conferencing Flexibility

With today’s uncertainty and requirements for remote or work from home situations flexibility in video conferencing is becoming a must for most businesses.  Video conferencing helps people connect and collaborate regardless of their location.  Video conferencing can be as simple as a FaceTime™ call, use of a laptop’s built-in camera & microphone, or require more advanced connectivity in a meeting room.  Flexibility is the key for conferencing systems that are permanently installed in a meeting room.  Today’s systems can take advantage of permanent cameras & microphones that can connect to any computer running a video conference application.   Systems such as QSC’s Q-SYS™ and Biamp’s TesiraFORTE® can simplify setup and operation in mid-sized and large-sized conference rooms. The use of integrated PTZ cameras, touch panels, and beamforming microphones all enhance the meeting experience.  Allelon designs and supports AV systems that allow connectivity for applications such as ZOOM, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Webex, or Teams.

Touch Panel Camera Control
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