Top Three Considerations When
Designing an Audio-Visual System.

1. What will the room be used for 90% of the time?  Invest heavily in this aspect

  • Invest most of the budget on what will be used 90% of the time.  AV systems and the spaces they are installed into often have frequent and reoccurring uses.  Don’t allocate a large portion of your budget for the once a year event, rent equipment until it makes financial sense for system additions

2. Invest in infrastructure.  

  • Infrastructure could be conduit, boxes, or as simple as extra cabling for small system changes.  It is often wise to pull in spare cabling at the time of the initial install or have your electrician install that extra floorbox as the costs to do it separately later will be more expensive.

3. Consider the cost of technology over time

  • Deciding between laser and lamp-based projection or IP video v. HDBaseT?  Differing technologies often come with wildly different price points.  A more expensive product may prove to be more cost-effective in the long run if system changes and expansion are probable.  If the AV system is for a smaller standalone room perhaps using less expensive equipment is a smart idea freeing budgets to be used in other areas.
Room Design